M8 Super Self-drilling Screws

After several years of researches and development, Sun Through is pleasure to bring this cutting-edge product: M8 super self-drilling screws. This unique product is not common in the market because the it required much high level experience and skill to manufacture. We are even the first manufacturer bringing M8 self-drilling screws in Taiwan.

However, only large gauge is not worthy too much emphasis. The surprise is its amazing drilling capacity. In our test, it drills through a 20 mm thick steel plate in 40 seconds, with 35-kg load and 2400 rpm. This product is designed for super heavy duty applications.

Technical Introduction:
There are two key points of making self-drilling screws: drilling tip design and heat treatment skills. Small gauge self-drilling screws still work fine with fair design plus fair heat treatment. Big gauge above M7.0 requires high skills in both. Poor performance in either one will easily cause failure. Sun Through has our own development department and in-house heat treatment facilities. That is the reason that we successfully bring this amazing product to market.

Specifications of the screws in the image are: indented hexagon washer head, C1022 material, M8 x 1.25mm thread, 80 mm length under head and yellow zinc plating.