Bimetal-Hex Washer Head M5.5X85 Q7

Bi-metal-Hex Washer Head M5.5X85 Q7
Bi-metal-Hex washer head spiral self-drilling screws. Spiral self-drilling screws are Sun Through's signature product. Only the top professionals with solid skills in heat treatment and bi-metal welding can make this special product happen. The twist geometry significantly increases drilling capacity up to 25 mm with zero failure rate. Contact us to know more.
Sun Through signature product (super screws and super tek screws) the shape facilitates material removal during drilling, saving working time by up to 50%, compared to regular self-drilling screws. Options of all carbon steel and bi metal are available. This Q7 screw can drill up to 18 mm steel plate, and the 304/316 material gives it nice durability and anti-corrosion ability. We can customize the length from 85 to 200 mm and the head type to bugle head/flat head/pan head/lotus head/ round head...just feel free to contact us for your design.

The sample in this photo is Indented Hex Washer Head, M5.5X85mm Q7. Materials are A2 + carbon steel.