SS410 Super Drilling Screws

Passivated 410 steel can be used to drill stainless steel substrate such as SUS-304. Compared to steel, stainless steel are more difficult to drill since stainless steel consume more energy than steel before it elongates and breaks. But a drilling tip made of 410 steel can overcome the issue. If you are dealing with more than 6-mm-thick stainless steel, you can consider this 410-series product.

Spiral self-drilling screws are Sun Through's signature product. Only the top professionals with solid skills in heat treatment and bi-metal welding can make this special product happen. The twist geometry significantly increases drilling capacity material removal during drilling, saving working time by up to 50%, compared to regular self-drilling screws

Sample in this photo is passivated SS410, IHWH M6.3x50mm Q9